Lightning, Grounding and Bonding for Hams

Tape Measure Beam Optimized for Radio Direction Finding

All the information can be found here: Submitted by Hal (KG5LVG)

Pat’s (KD6PZB) All-Star Node

All-Star Node: 526070, 147.500 MHz, Simplex, PL 107.2 – ID: KD6PZB Down For Service

Node Bubble Map

Bob’s (KJ7ZTF) Inverted V Fan Dipole Wire Length Chart.

Click here to view the PDF..

Cool Antenna Projects (submitted by KJ7ROX)

Roll-Up 2 Meter Antenna

2 Meter Slot Antenna using a Satellite TV Dish

Solar Powered 8 Watt Repeater (submitted by KJ7YYI)

Here is a video describing a Baofeng 8 Watt, solar Powered, highly portable, repeater

Space Weather

Space Weather information

Is Your Browser Leaking Information?

Here’s a short video on where to test your browser to see what information it is giving away to websites.

Video About Browser Privacy – Check your browser here

Cover Your Tracks – …and here

Device Info – …and here. Be sure to wait on this one

Linux Instead of Windows 11?

If you are considering Linux as an alternative to upgrading to Windows 11, here is a short video on an excellent Windows-like distro to try.


Link to the website:

More Information on Linux distributions:

Math for Amateurs

The following series of videos demonstrates some math by using it in solving a practical problem.

Vid01 – Determine the height of a tree for an antenna

Vid02 – Another way to determine Tree Height

Vid03 – Determine Vertex Angle of Inverted Vee

Vid04 – Trig Review

Converting Meters to Feet

Calculating the cut for Half Wave Antenna

Laws of Exponents – needed for decibels

Decibels & Logs – very brief intro

The following website has short tutorials on math for review: . You can search on YouTube for Math Brat and see a little newer set of tutorials by N7TWL.

NanoVNA Resources


The website has guides and links, including the Saver application

Rick’s (KJ7ROX) NanoVNA Guide – Revision 1

More NanoVNA documentation (not tested for quality or accuracy)

NanoVNA H2_English (1)
NanoVNA N4WYE Jan 21, 2020 v3
NanoVNA User Guide_20190527.
NanoVNA User Guide_20190711

Programming HTs Using Chirp

How-to Video: Using Chirp to Program an HT

Useful Links  (please report broken links)


Handy Scanner Frequencies

Payson PD and FD – PD is moving to encrypted trunking, however, FD is staying as is

ScannerFreqs    just a few to get you started