TARA Repeaters

TARA maintains 2 repeaters located in Payson, Arizona. One is on the 2 Meters band and the other is on 70 Centimeters band.

VHF: 147.390, +.600KHz Offset (147.990), PL: 100.0 OPERATIONAL

UHF: 448.775, -5MHz Offset (443.775), PL: 77.0 NOT OPERATIONAL



  • Thursday Evening is Trivia Night!  Join us on the VHF Repeater at 1930 hours (Arizona Time) for a fun half hour of Trivia!
  • Thursday Evening: We hold a Social net every Thursday evening at 2000 hours (Arizona Time). on the VHF Repeater. The topic of discussion will be chosen by the Net Control Operator (volunteers welcome) with suggestions directed to Bruce Johnson, N7DDT. This is a directed net, but visitors and guests are always welcome. JOIN US!


TARA DMR TG-311568 (Group Call)

Club Member Repeaters

All-Star Node: 526070, 147.500 MHz, Simplex, PL 107.2 – ID: KD6PZB

Repeater Etiquette

Note: These Repeaters are NOT GMRS repeaters and require a valid FCC License of Technician or above by all operators. If you do not have such a license but would like to participate, why not come to our next monthly meeting and find out how to get one? Meetings are held at 9 AM on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Payson Center for Success next to the High School. 

Click here for repeater-etiquette