TARA Member Pat, KD6PZB, is gracious enough to hold a weekly TRIVIA Net on Thursday evening at 19:30 Local Time.

Below are links to the most recent night’s Trivia Questions (with answers hidden) for those of you who missed this week’s net.

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Trivia Net History

A little history about how the “Trivia Net” first got started.  During the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  I was a member of the East County Repeater Association – E.C.R.A., based in Lakeside, California*.  Our group was having on line meetings once a month and members were definitely getting bored and restless with nothing going on, other than sitting around the house. Me, being a trivia enthusiast thought “we need to do something to get those old brain cells moving.”

So, I called and spoke to Dan Rebbetoy, KD6DCF our groups president.  I explained what my thoughts were.  He said, “sounds like a good idea to me.  Let me run it by a few board members and I will get back to you.”  A few days later, Dan called me back and said: “Go for it.”

That started a weekly ten question trivia net on 147.765 – 79.7 Rattlesnake Pk. on Thursday nights at 1930.  A few months later another Ham, by the name of Kari Haughton, KI6TRR called me and said, “do you want some help?”  Kari, was a retired DJ from an FM-radio station, KAT-Country Radio (KATJ-FM 100.7) from Victorville, CA.  She had worked a morning radio show with a co-host, Jimmer.  Called the “Jimmer & Karilynn Show,” for ten years.  One of the top 10 rated Country morning drive time shows in California.  Also, for CBS radio, KYXY-FM in

San Diego, CA.

I was like heck yes. So, we started doing five questions each, for the week.  During the net we would take turns giving questions over the air.  We had a good time and our listeners enjoyed it also.

In September.2021 upon moving to Payson.  I thought this group would like the Trivia Net also.  That’s how it all began.

Sincerely – April.2023

* San Diego County